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New Book Releases

Here you will find the latest releases of books the library has to offer. You may also find a book by using your Mountain Library Online Card Catalog account. Ask the librarian for assistance in setting up your account.

Adult Non-Fiction


Adult Fiction

Cross the Line – Patterson

When All the Girls Have Gone – Krentz

Big Girl Panties – Evanovich

Turbo Twenty Three - Evanovich





Large Print

The German Girl – Correa

Chaos – Cornwell

Cakewalk - Brown







Catnapped – Soderberg

X Marks the Spot – Soderberg

Big Catch – Sander

Mr. Putter & Tabby Hit the Slope – Rylant

The Mystery Mansion -  Auerbach

Monkey See Monkey Doo – Howard

Who What Where – Tallec

I Can Be a Farm Vet – Jordan

Super Agents – Lagonegro

Samson in the Snow – Stead

Shiver Me Timbers – Sander

I am the Mountain Mouse – Marino

On Top of Old Smoky – Hoena

Oh, My Darling, Clementine - Hoena


Juvenile Fiction

Irena’s Dream – Mazzeo


Juvenile Non-Fiction

Audio Books

West Virginia Books


2012 Doomsday the Prophecy is True

Man of Miracles

Gift of Love

The Deadly Look of Love

American Vampire

The Wild Ride/ Little Shop of Horrors

Changing Hearts

Family Business

American Beauty


Code Name: Dancer

Row Your Boat

Far >From Heaven

Meets the Parents